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KARMA YOGA (Things To Do) April 2017

“Cast your bread upon the water and it shall return to you.” – My great-grandmother Pam, quoting Ecclesiastes 11:1

“The law of Karma is a universal process, whereby causes lead to effects. This is something that all of us are already familiar with, whether or not we use the word Karma to describe it. Newton’s third law of motion, that every action leads to a reaction, is an application of the law of Karma. ” – Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

KARMA – action {thoughts, words, deeds}, work (root word: “kr” = action)

YOGA – union (root word: “yuj” = to yoke, to join)

Any thought, word, or deed that brings us closer together is a uniting action (karma-yoga). Whether you pick up a piece of trash left by another; tithe; volunteer; or start your hatha yoga (physical asana practice) by dedicating your efforts to someone else – do it with joy; do it with bliss; do it with love and devotion.

“a karma yogi devoted to service to spread truth & peace” – from Be The Change by MC Yogi

I am hosting the following two (2) 2017 KISS MY ASANA donation-based class:

These events will be inspired by Matthew Sanford’s teachings, as well as the spirits of everyone practicing yoga together – regardless of their size, shape, or physical and mental abilities. We’re going to have some energetic fun and donate all the proceeds to Mind Body Solutions. The classes include partner work and are open to all abilities, but we have very limited space. Please RSVP to myra at ajoyfulpractice.com if you would like to join us.



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