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Before you can get unhooked, you have to recognize that you are hooked and recognize how you got hooked.

Pema Chödrön’s birthday week (July 12 – 18, 2010) was a great opportunity to introduce my regular classes to the concept of shenpa and the practice of the 4 R’s (Recognize, Refrain, Relax, Resolve).

Ani Pema Chödrön, an American Buddhist nun and author, does a beautiful job of breaking down the concept of shenpa and the practice of the 4 R’s. Check out one (or more) of the article and video links below.Then check back here for more subpages exploring the practice of getting unhooked.

These two magazine articles contain the same basic teaching, just from slightly different perspectives:

Chödrön appeared on Bill Moyers on Faith  & Reason to discuss Buddhism in the West.

Here is a brief (72 second) teaser from the Omega Institute.

Just for fun, check out these…

LOL Hooks:

Fishing Hook

Hook’s Hook

Hook Shot

Hooks From A Movie All About Hooks:

4 Minutes of Hook After Hook After Hook

Baker’s Hook (if you’ve never seen this movie fast forward to 7:23, stop @ 8:42, and go rent the movie!)

Dramatic Hook:

French Hook

Disturbing Hook:

Right Hook (Warning, this is not what you think, but it may be hard to watch.)

Musical Hooks:

Rock and Roll Hook #1

Rock & Roll Hook #2

CPR Hook

Classical Hook

Coming Soon: SHENPA: RECOGNIZE – Part II (The Hook & The Lure)


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