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For Your Reading Pleasure

Bringing It All Together:

Recommended Reading to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Last Sunday, February 21st, was “Funkensonntag” (German for “Sparks Sunday”) – which I thought was a good lead into a yoga class themed around tapas (heat) and the spark that is within us all. Imagine my surprise when, after each class, someone came up to me and requested a yoga reading list! Some of the requests were quite specific and inspired me to pull together all of my reading lists (printed and electronic).

Warning: You are about to go down a rabbit hole. There is some absolutely incredible literature on yoga, and I haven’t even come close to reading it all. Ergo, this is by no means a definitive list. It is a list of books I am comfortable recommending because I’ve read them or intend to read them based on an educational encounter. If you find other texts by these authors, check them out too! I will update this page periodically.

Within each section, most books are listed alphabetically by author. Books by the same author may be grouped separately.

Regarding a resource for the resources: I love Amazon.com as much as the next person; however, you may be able to find these books at a local independent bookstore or (in some cases) directly from the author. Look into it! (Eventually I will link each book to someone.) If you are in the Twin Cities, you know there are fabulous independent bookstores all over town. Be sure to check out Present Moment Books and Herbs at 3546Grand Ave, Minneapolis 55408.






Coming Soon! More Sacred Texts and printer-friendly PDF of the entire list.

Many thanks to the yoga students/teachers in my life – especially the ones who lit a fire under me until I posted this list! May this spark burn as bright as your practice. ~ JAI GURUDEV!


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