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This was originally a fact sheet for practices I facilitated for students (K-12) who were practicing yoga as part of their gym module.

10 Benefits of Yoga (& Meditation) for Kids*


  1. Yoga promotes overall health and wellness.
  2. Yoga increases physical and mental agility by developing balance, flexibility, full body coordination, and strength.
  3. Yoga aides detoxification, while simultaneously boosting the body’s metabolism and immune system.
  4. Yoga builds self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem.
  5. Yoga improves concentration, mental focus, and attention.
  6. Yoga effectively develops brain power (health) and intellect (sharpness).
  7. Yoga reduces stress and enables one to cope with difficult or negative emotions.
  8. Yoga helps develop inner peace and calmness.
  9. Yoga sharpens and expands universal awareness.
  10. Yoga builds community and encourages peace.

4 Key Elements of Yoga – Things to Remember

  1. Namaste! (Sanskrit greeting which literally means “I bow thou”)

    • Respect and honor yourself and others.

  2. Asana (3rd Limb of Yoga & Sanskrit word for “seat,” used interchangeably with “pose”)

    • Connect to your foundation (“seat”).

  3. Prāņāyāma (4th Limb of Yoga & Sanskrit word meaning the control of life-force, used to refer to breathing exercises)

    • Be aware of your ability to “control” your “breath.”

  4. Drishti & Dhāraņā (Sanskrit words for “focused gaze” / “focal point” & “single focus” / “concentration,” which is the 6th Limb of Yoga)

    • Focus your “gaze” on a point that doesn’t move, and “concentrate”.


** BONUS: What 2 things do you remember to do at the end of every practice? **


You can find some short (and full) practices on my YouTube channel and more about yoga classes on the Class Schedules calendar.

*Adults can experience the same benefits!


### ~ Be well and be great! ~   ###

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