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7 Saturdays – Journey On and Off The Mat (New Series Begins 09/08/2012)

A Story, A Pose, and The Practices In Between

Behind every pose there is a myth, a story with a lesson you can apply to the physical yoga practice – as well as to your life. For 7 weeks, explore the journey from myth to mat to life.
Emphasis will be placed on cultivating body awareness through alignment; connecting breath to movement; and finding deeper expressions through “vinyasa krama” (a step-by-step progression to a specific goal).
Current and returning students may drop in, but are encouraged to attend at least 6 classes. New students are welcome, but should contact Myra if unable to attend at least 6 classes.

Free Your Mind, And Your Binds Will Follow – See(k)ing the Truth Beneath the Skin

Classes meet at Nokomis Yoga on Saturdays (September 8th – October 20th, 2012) from 12:30 – 1:45 PM.

Future Classes - Dates To Be Determined

Your Hero Friend – Processing Emotions

The Easy Chair – Cultivating A Steady, Joyful Seat

A Giant Leap 1 – Bridging The Gap Between Where You Were & Where You’re Going

A Giant Leap 2 – A Karmic Yoga Adventure

Previous Classes - Details Coming Soon!

It All Starts With A Cow – Finding the Path to What You Want (or Need)

Original classes met at Nokomis Yoga on Saturdays (January 21st – March 3rd, 2012).




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