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TAKE A DEEP BREATH! April 3, 2009

Posted by ajoyfulpractice in Changing Perspectives, Fitness, Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Philosophy, Science, Twin Cities, Yoga.

Smile. You may not know it, but your life just changed.


Take another deep breath. Now, deepen your expression.

Whether you are new to yoga, a dedicated practitioner, or just someone trying to sort out all of the hullabaloo (and not call it “yogart” in mixed company), a joyful practice can help you find things you didn’t know you needed – and explore gifts you didn’t know you had to offer.

Still skeptical? That’s cool. It doesn’t change the fact that somewhere between that first deep breath and this next one (Inhale….Exhale.) your brain chemistry changed!

And just think, you didn’t even have to step on a mat.



1. Monika - April 6, 2009

Just thinking about your near constant smile makes me smile. Thanks for bringing a joyful moment into my morning with your blog. Now I need to try to fit in some yogurt. 🙂

2. Ben - April 6, 2009

Like the blog!! I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” I can use all the smiles I can get. Hope spring visits you soon!



3. Amy - April 6, 2009

This is fantastic! Your spirit jumps off the screen! Great Work!

4. Lisa Clark - April 14, 2009


I smiled after I read this. Keep posting!

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