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A Joyful Practice is (officially) Zooming! March 27, 2020

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Zooming! Is that even a word? It is now. The calendar is now updated with information about live, (virtually in person) practices happening weekly. So far, everyone says it feels pretty much like their regular, good old joyful practice!

Once you have the meeting ID, you can use the ZOOM app, your internet browser, or a telephone to access the meeting. Meeting IDs are different for each class time, but each ID will remain the same from week to week. You must register for the Wednesday night (Flourish) “Slow Flow” – but you only need to register once. (At this point in time you do not need a password for any of the practices.) I am working on making playlists available on my YouTube channel and on Spotify.

If you are new to yoga or new to vinyasa, please send me a message (myra at ajoyfulpractice.com) before joining the group. I apologize to my YIN Yoga folks, but at this time I am not streaming any full YIN practices, I will, however, continue to post or link you to the practice. Also, keep on the lookout for a special YIN Yoga webinar coming soon!

Those who are able may purchase or renew a package on my online store. Anyone can also make a donation (in lieu of a package) to Common Ground. (Donations are tax deductible.) If you purchase a Nokomis Package note that there is a discounted package for students, seniors, Healthcare Providers, and First Responders.

I want you to practice; so don’t let any financial issues be an obstacle you can’t get over! If you need it, I got you. Also, some recorded practices will be available at a later date.

Looking forward to seeing you on the (virtual) mat!


### NAMASTE ###




1. whereschrisscotch - March 27, 2020

Hi Myra, I am going to make a donation to Common Ground. Do I need to also purchase a package if I want to do the online classes listed for Nokomis and Flourish? I’m happy to do so, but just wanted to make sure I understand. I’m so happy to be able to start again on my yoga journey – and it is because you are the best navigator! Chris

ajoyfulpractice - March 28, 2020

Hi Chris, I know we talked, but I wanted to reply in case anyone else had the same question. Short answer: Do one or the other. Longer answer: Common Ground operates completely from Dana/ generosity and is currently moving all of their programming online. Teachers typically receive the highest percentage of whatever is donated to their specific class/program; however, we are also able to adjust that percentage as needed. In this situation, you can donate (or buy a Nokomis package) and come to any of the online classes. Thanks for asking! Stay well, Myra

2. Eileen O'Toole - March 28, 2020

See you at Noon. Zooming!❤️

ajoyfulpractice - March 28, 2020

Woohoo! I guess that should be Woohoo-namaste.

3. Diane - April 12, 2020

Hi Myra — just confirming I purchased four classes for Nokomis. I plan on seeing you today at 2:30. So glad you are online!

ajoyfulpractice - April 12, 2020

Looking forward to “seeing” you. Stay well, Myra

ajoyfulpractice - April 12, 2020

Hi Diane, Sorry we missed you. Let me know if you are having problems logging in. If you email me (myra(at)ajoyfulpractice.com), I can send you a link to the recording of today’s class. Stay well, Myra

4. kpmvhm - May 10, 2020

Hi Myra, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ! I understand how you experience yourself as a spiritual mother, and indeed you are ! I feel the same way in my way of life as well. Your Mother’s Day post today is “right on”, and I look forward to the time when we meet at the Y again ! Have a joyful, peaceful day ! Karen

ajoyfulpractice - May 10, 2020

Hi Karen,
Oh, how I’ve missed you! You are absolutely a spiritual mother, and I wish you and your community a Happy Mother’s Day! Peace and joy to you, Myra

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