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Day 17, What A Blur January 27, 2011

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Day 17

Wednesday, the 17th day in Yoga Journal’s 21-Day Challenge was a total blur. I barely slept. Then I had to get up early, sit for 5 minutes, and work out my teaching sequence for the day. Then I practiced the 45-minute sequence.

Fast forward to me rushing to work. I missed the bus; caught the train; taught two classes and, somewhere along the way, I ate two really yummy meals. Then I took a nap.

Yes, the Texas Queen of Hibernation (a self appointed title if ever there was one) took a mid-night nap – which some folks might consider “going to sleep,” except for the fact that the nap was shorter than the previous night’s sleep. Plus, and this is a very important factor when it comes to napping, I woke up so I could finish out my day.

After my mid-night nap, I practiced the 20-Minute Core Focus with Rebecca Urban and then completed my 18-Minute So Hum Meditation. The core sequence definitely helped prepare my body for the seated meditation. And, maybe being sleep deprived helped my overall focus during the meditation – but I wouldn’t recommend it as a practice.

~ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanthi Om ~


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