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See Change May 30, 2020

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Yoga Sutra 2.21: tadartha eva dŗśyasyātmā


– The essence or nature of the knowable object or experience exists only to serve the Seer.


Yoga Sutra 2.22: kŗtātham prati naşțamapyanşțam tadanyasādhāraņatvāt


– Once the knowable object has served its purpose, it is destroyed [in the mind/eyes of the Seer], but it continues to exist to all others.

As we explored last week, once you see something you cannot unsee it. Your perspective is forever changed. While this is true of optical (and auditory) illusions – and devastating events like those we are currently witnessing in the Twin Cities – Patanjali focused on how a change in our perspective literally changes our reality.

Remember, in the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali pointed to how suffering is the result of the way we think and the world is also the result of the way we think. He also indicated (in Yoga Sutra 2.18) that all things in the material world serve “two purposes: fulfillment and freedom.” This week’s sutra informs us that once we see the true nature of something, once we are free of the afflicted thoughts surrounding the object, it ceases to exist in the material world. However, it only ceases to exist as that material object to the Seer(s) who see the object’s true nature; to everyone else, the object is still in its material illusion.

Please join me for a 90-minute virtual yoga practice on Zoom today (Saturday, May 30th) at 12:00 PM. We will continue exploring the connection between what we perceive and what we understand, while now also considering how what we perceive and understand changes our reality. You can use the link from the “Class Schedules” calendar if you run into any problems checking into the class. NOTE: At some point today, Zoom is switching over to 5.0. Give yourself plenty of time to upgrade if you have not already made the switch.)

Today’s playlist is available on YouTube and Spotify. (NOTE: These links are for the “05032020 See Clearly” playlist. Do you see what I did there?)





1. Gabriela Sweet - May 30, 2020

thank you, Myra. I have even more gratefulness for your teachings now, with so much anguish and anger around us. Be well. _Gabriela


ajoyfulpractice - May 31, 2020

Be well, Gabriela. I appreciated “seeing” you yesterday. I am holding you in my heart. Stay safe, Myra

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