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A Day 20 Treat January 30, 2011

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Day 20

Two days of Jason Crandell in a row is a full mind-body-spirit treat. On some level, I knew it was coming. (My housemate and I had discussed it.) But, I wasn’t really prepared for how the continuity and integrity of the practice would leave me feeling…sated, satisfied, seriously relaxed.

I started the day with my 5 minute silent meditation and a condensed version of the practice I was going to lead at the Y. I’ll admit that the way my body (not to mention my mind and spirit) felt after these last few days encouraged me to get a little carried away on the mat. I wanted to do everything, put together bits and pieces from the previous day’s practice – and the previous weeks. I had to keep reminding myself that on we were getting ready for a in addition to “letting the love flow” I was headed towards a peak pose: Pincha Mayurasana.

By the time I made it downtown, I was more than a little distracted by some family news. Part of me really wanted to cancel class. Part of me really wanted to go home. But, I was in one of those situations where canceling class, and even going “home,” weren’t going to solve anything. I needed to breathe, and slow down. Turns out, reminding myself of the love all around helped too. The class was fun and, I think, illuminating for some. Even though a forearm stand is a pretty advanced inversion, doing it with a wall and props – or even sticking to one of the modifications, like Dolphin Dog – is accessible to almost anyone.

After class, I stayed in the studio and completed the 18 Minute So Hum meditation. My body felt good and my mind was fairly focused. Ultimately, it was very soothing for my spirit.

Saturday was a busy day leading up to a busy evening. My housemate says we all have cabin fever, and maybe that’s true. I just know it felt good, at the end of the day, to just sit still for a minute before rushing back into the fray. Eventually, I got around to finishing out my daily practice. I practiced the 30-Minute Tension Release Side Bends with Jason Crandell in the late afternoon/early evening. This was a perfect unwinding sequence. The poses were simply, easy to follow (even though some versions were a little unusual), and intense. In fact, the intensity of the stretches kind of surprised me given how “little” we seemed to be doing. I could easily see doing this sequence just before bed or combining it with another video, or two, for a more energetic practice. About midway through, I couldn’t help but wonder how this sequence would feel as a way to open the body up for Visvamitrasana.

Hmmm, something to look forward to doing in week 4. Smile.



1. Kari - January 31, 2011

Myra; Sorry to hear of bad news. Thx for teaching on Saturday= a wonderful class and so luxurious to have time to muddle (for me) through pincha mayurasana! Pretty amazing to even try it!

Here’s more info on brain and meditation referencing an upcoming study:

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