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GRATITUDE: The Priceless Gift (Thanksgiving Schedule & News) November 24, 2014

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Who is rich? The one who appreciates what he has… ~Talmud – Avot 4:1


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it s like wrapping a gift and not giving it.

~William Arthur Ward


I am feeling rich, indeed, for being home in Texas this week with my family and friends. However, I am also feeling the richness of having so many people in the Twin Cities who are looking forward to my return. It’s a funny place to be – a gratitude threshold, as it were – between gratitude for what is, what was, and what will be. (If only we could live in this place of thanks!)

Many thanks to everyone who has shared their yoga practice with me – and their thoughts on the practice. Your presence (on and off the mat) are true gifts. I tell people all the time that if they appreciate the classes I lead they should thank the people around them, as these are the people who teach me, the people who bring it all together, and the people who keep me coming back.

While I am in Texas, some very gifted teachers (on and off the mat) have agreed to sub for me.

The Nokomis Yoga schedule will be as follows:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 25th @ 12:00 PM (60 minutes with MELISSA)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 25th @ 7:15 PM (75 minutes with ANTONELLA)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 26th @ 4:30 PM (60 minutes – CANCELED)

Melissa Cross and Antonella Borgatti both teach regular classes at Nokomis Yoga. For more on their insightful teaching, check out their bios.

The Wednesday night Slow Flow at Flourish will be canceled on November 26th. Please join me on December 3rd.

For information on my incredible YMCA subs, please check the online schedules. (Also, please note that the Downtown Minneapolis will run an alternate schedule 11/27 – 11/30.)



Nuts, glands and heads November 18, 2014

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Thanks to Ms E, on the Sunny Side, for continuing the conversation!

Sunny Side

Sunday, in yoga class, right as we were moving into shavasana, Yogi M talked about self screening. “Feel your balls and know your balls, men. Just like women do a monthly self breast exam, figure out what your testicles should feel like and pay attention to changes. Just start paying attention.” Unusual for a yoga class, not unusual for Ms. M.

We spent the hour talking about Movember. My teach pasted on a fake black moustache and spoke very frankly about men’s health. This Sunday class is made up of men, mostly older than me who are arguably pretty in imagetune with their bods and probably pretty open to new things. They most likely wouldn’t be doing yoga if they weren’t. So Yogi M had a captive male audience and she captivated the rest of us too. Captivated because I have never heard of men doing self screening tests of…

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