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Your Presence Is Requested… January 6, 2022

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Happy 2022, to everyone! Blessed Epiphany, to those who are observing or celebrating!

“What I really want to get to today is why the Magi came. What was it that brought them to Bethlehem? What was it that brought them to find Jesus and his family?”


– quoted from “The Epiphany Light: Another Reflection” by Reverend Ed Trevors (dated Jan 6, 2022)


On the surface, the embedded video below contains a direct message to Christians. However, if you pay attention, you will realize that the overall focus is for all: “Be a light.” Accept this invitation to be a light.


Click here if you’re interested in my 2021 post about Epiphany. It may give you some clarity about how you know (or don’t know) what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling…believing.

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