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The Hug Club Movement: Life Without Fear September 26, 2015

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Something as simple as touch, basic human contact, can make the difference between surviving and thriving – and not. Some of us are fortunate enough to be in places and spaces where hugging is encouraged. Others, not so much. Please check out this powerful post – and join the movement: The Hug Club Movement: Life Without Fear

~ Om Shanti Shanti Shanthi Om ~


1. garwell62@comcast.net - September 30, 2015

Hello Myra, Just wanted to mention that I was surprised & a bit disappointed that last week you really had nothing to say about the Pope’s visit in the usa. I was at 3 of your classes last week & all you said, once, “The Pope is visiting the usa.” Maybe we can talk about this in person sometime after your yoga marathon & camp out this w/e. Hope you & all the guests have a great time.

ajoyfulpractice - October 1, 2015

Hello Gary,
Thank you for your comment. While I am sorry you were surprised and disappointed by my focus last week, please note that I actually mentioned the Pope’s visit AND his encyclical on the environment during my (2) Tuesday and (4) Wednesday classes. Since Pope Francis’s visit overlapped with Yom Kippur, I chose to stay focused on the established thread.

Maybe when we talk about this in person we can figure out why nobody commented on the fact that I never once mentioned President Xi Jinping arriving right around the same time as Pope Frances!

Thanks for the well wishes! Perhaps next time you could join us on retreat!

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