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Q: What’s better than dinner & a movie? September 8, 2015

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A: Something that feeds your mind, body, and spirit!

A friend mentioned today that she’s not sure she feels as fulfilled as she does when she’s in our yoga class. She expressed a desire to feel that full (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) during more parts of her life. (Naturally, she’s coming on our retreat to fill up some more!) But, in our conversation, we both recognized how hard it is to set aside the time to fill up a little bit – let alone enough to carry that awareness into the other parts of our lives.

This conversation is one I hear again and again. Especially this year, as many people consider how they can join us on our first yoga retreat. For some, it seems hard to join us for the whole weekend because the beginning of fall is already full of so many commitments or because the summer was relatively busy. Still, the desire lingers….

And as that desire lingers at the back of your mind or heart, you may spend these next few weeks eating meals with people you love, attending yoga classes as you can, and wishing for more – like the opportunity to put it all together and feel more.

Even though we are out of beds (and working on more), you can still join us for part or all of the festivities on Saturday, October 3rd. You could also select the Saturday Night Special, which includes an evening yoga class, dinner, and live kirtan!

Meghan has been busy testing recipes (with farm fresh ingredients). Sandra and I have been fleshing out our gratitude arc. Kirtan Path has agreed to provide live kirtan on Saturday night. And, we’ve run out of beds! For all this, we are grateful.

You could, of course, give us one more reason to be grateful.


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