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KISS MY ASANA (updated 2/2016)

You know you want to!

So, you can scroll down to the details (below).

Or we can get personal.

I mean, let’s be real: At some point, we all want to be so present, focused, and centered that nothing makes us lose our balance; we want to feel everything aligned and working together with ease, peace, and a little bit of sublime joy; we want to be grateful for our bodies, our minds, and our spirits – and every moment we experience.

If only for a moment, that’s how we usually feel after our yoga practice. And, in that moment, we truly appreciate the gift of our practice. But, let’s not kid ourselves here, we want to feel that way on and off the mat.

The only problem is the practice – just like our lives – is full of challenge. We have moments (sometimes days, weeks, months, years…) when we struggle; when we fall; when nothing seems to go our way; when we know we should be grateful for Child’s Pose but, seriously, we just want our back/hip/ankle/core/shoulder/wrist/core/etc. to get with the program so we can rock that pose our teacher just suggested.

If we’re lucky, we remember (or are reminded) that it’s not about achieving the pose as much as it is about experiencing the present during the process. If we’re really lucky, we remember (or are reminded) that the practice isn’t so much about about how a pose looks on the outside as it is about what we’re feeling on the inside.

If we’re really, really lucky, we have a teacher (like Matthew Sanford and his teachers) who takes us inside (ourselves) regardless of what appears to be happening on the outside.


Kiss My Asana Yogathon is a month long opportunity to practice yoga and, simultaneous, raise money and awareness for Mind Body Solutions’ Adaptive Yoga Programs. Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions are on a mission to “transform trauma, loss and disability into hope and potential by awakening the connection between mind and body.” The idea that “a deeper mind-body connection is accessible to everyone, regardless of physical or neurological ability” and that such a mind-body connection “improves quality of life and opens new opportunities for healing and recovery” isn’t just something they say in their mission statement – it’s what they practice!

Since I’ve practiced with Matthew and heard healing stories from others who have benefited from the way he practices and teaches, I’ve registered “A Joyful Practice” fundraising team (which I encourage you to join) – and am suggesting the following additional karma yoga moments:

1. Come to a donation-based class. They will be happening throughout February 2016. I will host events on the afternoon of Saturday, February 27th (3:30 – 5:30 PM at Nokomis Yoga), and Saturday, March 5, 2016 (TBA), (click here for KARMA YOGA details).

2. (* NEW IN 2016 *) 29 Yogis in 29 Days: 29 Yogis are going to answer 7 questions (in 29 days). Anyone can do it. Let me know if you want to be the questions (until you can live your way into the answers)!

3. Practice 30 Poses in 30 Days: My 2014 KISS MY ASANA post of daily poses is still available for you to practice (almost) anywhere!

4. Give me yourself 5: As part of my 2015 KISS MY ASANA commitment, I am posting 5-minute yoga videos on YouTube. You can use these videos when you can’t make it to class; need a peaceful moment in your day; and/or to kick start a practice with your family and friends. It’s something simple – and it only takes 5 minutes.

5. Myra’s KPick My Asana! Challenge: Commit to making a donation. Then pick an additional dollar amount or percentage. Now, pick a pose, any pose (but don’t tell me the pose). If we do your pose in class increase your original donation (by the additional dollar amount or the percentage). Oh, and feel free to yell “Bingo!”




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