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KISS MY ASANA 2015 Starts….NOW! April 1, 2015

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No joke! We really are starting the second annual KISS MY ASANA Yogathon on April Fools Day. And, again, no joke – I’m offering a way for my regular yogis to do a little bit more yoga – and maybe encourage some of your family and friends to join you.

You can make a donation online to support Mind Body Solutions and/or you may contact me about attending a donation-based class on April 18th (details to follow).

Last year’s 30 Poses in 30 Days is still available. If you’re new to yoga, or need some adaptations, this is a great place to start.

For those of you wondering about all my announcements regarding “something special” for this year’s yogathon, well….drum roll, please… HERE IT IS! (If you go to the playlist tab you will also find the musical prequel from March 2015, all cued up and ready for your listening pleasure.)

The first 5-minute practice is Savasana. (Unfortunately, some technical difficulties prevented me from posting before 9 AM on April 1st. So…I guess it really is April Fools! The video is now available. I appreciate your patience!)





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